Top 5 Best WordPress Analytics Plugins

Jan 9

WordPress provides an overwhelming amount of analytics plugin options—each complete with their compelling array of complete metrics, tracking features, and data for your site. In fact, according to the official WordPress Plugin Directory, the platform offers users with more than 55,000 plugins, and thousands of free 3rd party plugins are also available. You may think you’re […]

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9 Tips For A Successful Marketing Strategy in 2020

Jan 7

With the recent advent of 2020, it’s the perfect time to renew your current marketing strategy. A well-crafted and updated marketing strategy serves as a business plan that gives your business a clear direction. When implemented correctly, it can do wonders to propel your business ahead of its competitors by gaining more customers and positioning […]

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How Retailers Should Leverage Black Friday

Dec 10

When the time for carving turkeys and giving thanks with loved ones has passed, what happens next? Naptime? Work? For many, Black Friday is the next big holiday that comes to mind, serving as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season—at least in America. The event has traditionally marked an extraordinary time of year where […]

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What Is A Blog and Why You Should Create One

Aug 27

If you’re not sure what a blog is or why it would benefit you, you’ve come to the right place! You’ve likely come across a blog at some point, especially if you’ve been on the Internet long enough. Maybe you looked for “vegan food recipes” one day and found a blog that—voila!—provides you with delicious […]

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PPC vs. SEO: How Each Works

Aug 20

When it comes to the digital marketing strategy for your business, you may come face to face with one question: SEO or PPC? In truth, the answer really depends on what your plans and goals are as well as the current state of the market.  Of course, SEO is often viewed as the better of […]

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