5 Best Types of Content Marketing for Business Growth

Mar 26

In this day and age, creating and distributing content is not enough. To reach your business objectives and generate more customers, you need to produce content that’s valuable, relevant, and entertaining for your target audience. Of course, this is easier said than done. All forms of content marketing require detailed planning and time to be […]

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5 Ways to Improve Your Business’ Marketing Strategy

Mar 8

As a business owner, you already know how important marketing is for the success of your business. However, marketing is not a matter of creating random ads, navigating through social media, and hoping audiences engage with your brand. Instead, it involves a concise and detailed strategy that defines your target audience’s needs, reaching them, and […]

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How to Use Halloween in Your Marketing Strategy

Oct 23

Did you know Halloween is the third most popular holiday in the United States? While October is a month full of fun and interesting events, Halloween is one special day that always seems to take the cake. Halloween, for the most part, is a commercial celebration of the spooky and macabre—the type that encourages shoppers […]

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Why Podcasts Have Gained Popularity

Oct 9

Podcasts are a phenomenon of the 21st century. Since its development in 2004, podcasts have been right at our fingertips for years. Many listeners choose to hear their favorite podcasts while doing other activities, such as cooking, driving, and house cleaning. In the U.S. alone, as many as 55% of Americans have listened to a […]

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10 Website Analytics Tracking Tools

Oct 5

Every successful business needs a consistent content strategy that produces and distributes solid content for maximum consumer engagement. If you have that down pat, congratulations! You have solved one major part of the equation. However, the next part is equally important—this involves extensive analysis. You need to know how well your content is performing (on […]

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