A Guide to Google Ads and Analytics in 2019

May 1

Want a wider reach of your target audience? Advertising is one effective way to achieve this goal. However, if you’re willing to spend money on ads, it needs to be through a good advertising platform that will maximize your efforts.

With over 3 billion search queries worldwide, its popularity as a search engine and an estimated 700% return on investment, Google may just be the key to achieving your goals.

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How Voice Tech is Revolutionizing Marketing

Apr 15

There’s no question that voice technology is on the rise today. With the developments of voice tech devices like Siri and Alexa, it’s become more and more common to see people talking to their phones, rather than talking into it.

While you may think most people using voice searches are just asking Siri about the weather or telling Alexa to play music, it’s actually quite the opposite. According to Martech Advisor, about half of these consumers use voice tech for information on products and/or services.

This gives marketers new opportunities to reach their target audience and promote their brand, especially through conversational marketing.

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9 Good Habits For Successful Content Creators

Apr 2

In most companies today, content and marketing go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly. However, while these business constantly churn out content for their social channels and blogging spaces, it doesn’t mean it’s engaging or valuable to their audience.

You may wonder, what does it take to become a successful content creator? It all really depends on what you do before typing away at a keyboard. Most content creators develop and follow certain key behaviors that has allowed them to take advantage of content marketing.

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A Guide to Good Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most effective tools you can use to help reach your organization’s goals. From lead generation to brand building, creating quality content that reaches and engages your target consumers gives your company a huge advantage in the market.

A common misconception, however, is that good content marketing strategy begins and ends with a company blog.

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10 Best Free Social Media Monitoring Tools

Mar 15

In today’s world (and on the internet), reputation is key to an organization’s success. Not sure what’s the best way to build reputation and audience for your business? Look no further than social media. Many social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram allow you to engage with your audience while also helping you build your credibility and trust within a market.

Playing the social media game isn’t exactly easy work, however. In order to build a good reputation, you need to be listening to what others are saying about your company, brand, competition, and the market as it is at the present moment—all day, every day.

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