How To Create A Successful E-Newsletter

Jun 27

Writing a successful email newsletter, or e-newsletter, isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. In fact, there are several key components you have to worry about all at once, such as writing compelling copy, creating an engaging design that works on all devices, making interesting subject lines, and more.

Of course, you may be wondering why it’s even worth creating an email newsletter in the first place. After all, the rise of social media and online ads has made email marketing pretty redundant…right?

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Tips on Choosing A Domain and Domain Name

Jun 14

Choosing the right domain may not seem like much work. After all, your target audience will visit your company’s website regardless of its domain, right? It’s actually a little more complicated than that.

Your domain and domain name are both a key part of your company’s web identity. It can also affect your SEO rankings depending on the keywords used and serves as your audience’s first impression of your business brand.

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10 Best Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

May 29

With everything going digital in today’s world, it’s important for small business owners to keep up with the newest trends and changes or risk being left behind. This includes establishing a consistent digital marketing strategy to increase your audience reach and maintain customers.

If you’re just starting out in your business and aren’t sure how to move forward, look no further. Here are 10 of the best marketing tools you can use to further help your digital marketing strategies.

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How To Measure Brand Awareness

May 7

Depending on who you ask, the idea of brand awareness may come with either a nod of approval…or a disapproving eye-roll. Some marketers view brand awareness as a meaningless jumble of metrics that has no true effect on marketing ROI. Others argue that being able to recall a product is what compels a consumer to buy it.

In truth, brand awareness is essential for any business to succeed as it plays a role in customer decisions. It’s so much more than just recalling a product (brand recall); it also includes being able to recognize a brand and tell it apart from others (brand recognition).

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A Guide to Google Ads and Analytics in 2019

May 1

Want a wider reach of your target audience? Advertising is one effective way to achieve this goal. However, if you’re willing to spend money on ads, it needs to be through a good advertising platform that will maximize your efforts.

With over 3 billion search queries worldwide, its popularity as a search engine and an estimated 700% return on investment, Google may just be the key to achieving your goals.

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