Why Podcasts Have Gained Popularity

Oct 9

Podcasts are a phenomenon of the 21st century. Since its development in 2004, podcasts have been right at our fingertips for years. Many listeners choose to hear their favorite podcasts while doing other activities, such as cooking, driving, and house cleaning. In the U.S. alone, as many as 55% of Americans have listened to a […]

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10 Website Analytics Tracking Tools

Oct 5

Every successful business needs a consistent content strategy that produces and distributes solid content for maximum consumer engagement. If you have that down pat, congratulations! You have solved one major part of the equation. However, the next part is equally important—this involves extensive analysis. You need to know how well your content is performing (on […]

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How to Adapt your Brand Post-COVID

Oct 1

It’s no secret that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the business world in various ways. Since the beginning of the public health crisis, many small businesses have had to significantly alter their regular operations to adjust with the new lockdowns and social distancing guidelines. These significant changes also impacted the products and services that […]

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5 Top Strategies to Keep Customers in 2020

Sep 22

As 2020 continues to roll by, it’s crucial for brands to brainstorm and incorporate customer-retention strategies that keep customers loyal. Your customer-retention strategies should grab sales not only for the moment, but also for years to come. This is easier said than done—we know. After all, we are still facing turbulent times. And these events […]

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Influencer Marketing During COVID-19

Sep 4

The unexpected arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected various industries across the globe. In the marketing world, the ongoing health crisis has prompted most companies to re-evaluate and tweak their marketing strategies on different platforms. Influencer marketing has also experienced significant impacts from the pandemic. According to a report on Kantar, social media usage […]

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